Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cultura Cuatro

     I have decided to make it my mission to find some Spanish alternative music that I really enjoy... but today is not that day. I listened to a youtube video which had a variety of different alternative rock songs. I did begin to enjoy a couple of songs towards the end of the compilation, but not quite enough. I could tell though that listening to rock alternative definitely sounded more familiar than whatever it was I listened to last week (I think it was more along the lines of indie pop which I'm not such a big fan of), there were obvious similarities to rock alternative in American culture. The first few songs featured in the video sounded way more poppy than anything which is typically very different from rock alternative in American culture. The songs this week definitely sounded a lot more like the alternative genre I'm used too. I'm sure after more searching I will find a song or artist that interests me. All the same, I'm sure people of the Spanish speaking culture (and those who just enjoy Spanish music) enjoy this genre just as I do.

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