Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Culture Reflection 2

     For this culture reflection I decided to watch some videos from a rock and alternative playlist I found on youtube. I watched a few of the music videos and I noticed that the music itself (the beat, rhythm, ect.) sounded very similar to that of my culture. The instruments used were also very similar. However, I did notice that some of the color schemes in the videos were different. They seemed to be brighter than videos in my culture in the same genres. Then there were some videos that looked just like a video from my culture just translated into Spanish. I found it interesting to see which songs had videos similar and different to my culture. All the music I listened to (except for this one song that honestly creeped me out) seems very much like the kind of music you'd listen to and have a great jam session to but at the same time something you could sit down and just think about. Or at least I'm assuming since the only word I really picked up on was secretos... It seems that the Spanish speaking culture enjoys the same things as the U.S. English speaking culture in alternative and rock music.

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